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Watching Brea collaborate with educators is truly magical.  She goes beyond traditional professional development and methodically guides educators through a combination of practical activities, discussion, and “direct teach” that results in expanded knowledge and understanding about proven mathematics instruction.  Furthermore, she has the ability to serve as an instructional leader while also connecting with teachers on a personal level, and this combination of skills facilitates true change in a meaningful and sustainable way.”

—Christy Murray, Principal Investigator of the Middle School Matters Institute

“Brea was excellent in her position as math coordinator for K through 12 in the DeSoto ISD.  Her interaction with staff, students and faculty was outstanding. She is the type of individual who will excel in any organization and any position she chooses!!!” – Dale Niemeier-Biegler, Educational Consultant and Curriculum Writer

“I want to thank Brea Ratliff for helping out my oldest son and my daughter with their Math; my kids learn a lot from her because she makes them understand the problem that they are working on – she breaks it down to them and basically helps them step-by-step to getting the answer… My kids know that their tutor is always going to be there to help them not only for Math but for all their subjects that they need help on.”– Graciela Gutierrez, Parent